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    Point Of Hue

    Point of Hue is a lifestyle brand standing for exclusive and customized consumer lifestyle products. Started in 2009 with a focus on soulful and contemporary art in the form of paintings, Point of Hue has diversified into corporate gifting to create enriching and unforgettable experiences to recipients. Point of Hue works on a sustainable & scalable platform to create experiences by combining local talent with traditional skill sets, with modern technologies and management.

    Why Us

    ‘Point of Hue’ envisions promoting a finer appreciation of the impact of colors and creativity in daily life through youthful, contemporary, exclusive and customized paintings created under its banner; as well as making art more accessible for the many through affordable price points. Our design process puts the recipient at the centre of the gifting concept driven by the corporate or individual brand personality with the aim of maximizing “wow” moments for target recipients.

    Artist Displays and Specialities

    Paintings by Prashalee Gaikwad are also displayed at JS Art Gallery In Mumbai.

    • Specialized in : Contemporary Acrylic Paintings
    • Customized Paintings for Corporate Interiors, Residential & Architects.
    • Theme based Art Gifting
    • Art Workshops - Breaking monotonous ways through creativity !

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